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2021-22 Student Survey

We have launched the student survey for the 2021-22 academic year.

You can access the questionnaires from your Unimia page (box “Exams and Student Opinion”).

For information on the survey, visit the dedicated page in the section "Study - Bachelor and master study - Following your programme of study - Course evaluation questionnaire".

From academic year 2021/2022 it will be necessary to submit a study plan in order to take non-compulsory exams.

Room capacity to hold didactic activitiesas well as activities by exam and graduation committees may be reverted by Universities to 100% starting immediately.

Dear students,


We bring to your attention the procedure and the rules to follow to take advantage of the English Placement Test (PT) reserved for freshmen 2021-2022 (both bachelor's and master's degrees) from the SLAM offer: